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New Lessons Monday-Thursday, Friday = Quiz Day
The next week they will have the chance to bring up their quiz score

Class Structure:

1) Do Now - Something Fun?
- Writing Prompt
(Idea: keep writing prompts on the same topic for each week - on Thursday students will compile and edit their writing into one document)
(Idea: have students practice skill learned the day before in their writing)

2) Lesson
- Video
- Newsela (now reads outloud)
- Readworks (some articles read outloud)

3) Assessment
- Google Doc
- Newsela
- Escape Room -

Idea: I can make my whole class instruction a Google Form, escape room style

1) Click the link to go to the assignment. The class code to join Readworks is EEC64S
2) Read the article - You can also listen to it while you read along
3) Complete the Vocabulary questions
4) Complete the Question Set
5) Mark your assignment as "Done" here in Google Classroom

First Marking Period:
Each week:
1) New group of vocab words
2) Use words in an activity
3) IXL activity
4) vocab, IXL quiz
5) make-up

Second Marking Period:

Third Marking Period:

Fourth Marking Period:

35 Assignments per marking period

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