Custom Picture Pendants Are Awesome Gifts For Everyone

Updated August 25, 2020 by Jason

If you want to buy yourself an awesome gift today, you should think about looking at a custom picture pendant. You can literally put any picture you want on one of these and then wear it around your neck.

Who Buys Picture Pendants?

Custom picture necklaces are really popular with grandparents, parents, and anyone else who loves the people in their lives. Grandmothers love to wear pictures of their grandchildren on a necklace so they can look at them anytime they want. They also love to show their grandchildren’s pictures off to their friends. And showing a picture on a necklace is a lot more fun and unique than pulling out your phone, trying to find the damn gallery app, finding the right picture….

If you think about it, there are tons of reasons to get one of these photo pendants. People love to get pictures of their pets on a necklace, especially after they’ve lost their beloved pet. It really does ease the pain of a great loss when you’re able to memorialize a pet or a loved one on your necklace after they have gone.

People who are passionate about things they do also like to upload pictures on these necklaces and wear them. I once saw a drummer with a picture of his drum set on a necklace!

Here are some picture pendants you can upload your picture on today.

Shine-On Circular Picture Pendant

photo pendant necklace

This is our favorite picture necklace for most people because it is very high quality and we like the circular shape. Pictures come out beautifully on this necklace and people are always happy with the way they look. If you’d like, you can engrave words on the back of the necklace.

This necklace is hand-crafted in the United States and the picture will never fade. You can get it in a steel or gold finish. It’s water-resistant, and it is made and shipped pretty quickly.

The company also offers a happiness guarantee. If you aren’t happy for whatever reason, just let them know and they will make it right. They survive and thrive on their reputation, so they want to make sure you like them and tell other people you like them too.

Get Your Picture On This Necklace Here


Shine-On Heart-Shaped Photo Pendant

heart photo pendant

This is the same necklace as the one above it, but it is shaped like a heart. You can put any picture you would like on this necklace. In this example, we have put a picture of a dog on it. This necklace is a great way to commemorate a lost pet.

See Your Picture on This Necklace




Some More Info About Picture Pendants

Popular items in the current market, Custom 3D Picture Pendant With Wings, provide an alternative way to celebrate your loved ones with you by carrying your favorite picture on you proudly. This photo pendant is the perfect gift for a new boyfriend. The photo that you want to give can be the most beautiful picture or the most sentimental picture of your son or daughter. You can even make it as unique and personalized as you want with your own unique pictures.

The digital pictures are ready made but they do not have the artistic ability and style to be customized, therefore, it will only look like a picture that someone took themselves. A photo can be copied from one place to another easily if they are not framed, so it’s very important to frame a photo before you take it. A picture pendant that is framed will also make your picture unique and more personal to you.

Custom picture pendants are a perfect choice for special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. You can also use them for weddings. Wedding picture pendants are perfect to accent your dress or to complement your handbag. The pictures on the front can also be placed on a table, for more fun. If you are giving one to your daughter, you can give her a nice heart-shaped picture pendant on a silver chain.

For your baby, you can make them smile with wonderful pictures on the silver necklaces. You can also choose from different shapes, color, sizes, designs, etc. and you will have a beautiful piece of jewel on your hands. You can give this to your wife or your girlfriend or anyone that really deserves it. It is truly a perfect gift idea for a woman who loves her man.

There are several websites that sell these pendants. You just need to search on Google. These websites usually ship to the buyer’s home and you can choose the most suitable pictures you like. and choose the price and delivery date.

You can find more details on how to make a custom picture pendant on various blogs and forums. You can find so many ways to decorate it.

You can choose to buy a simple picture pendant or a sophisticated one. You will just need some fabric or silver wire. You can then add a ribbon on the back to make it more attractive. If you are using the silver wire, make sure you wrap the necklace with a pretty bow on top. If you want to get something that is more personal, you can sew a small picture of you on the back.

The possibilities are endless. You can even make it look like a real picture, or you can simply make it as personalized as you want. with your own unique pictures and put a name or your message on it.

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