Mimi Shirts That She'll Actually Wear

Every Mimi loves bragging about her grandchildren. And that’s why they love wearing Mimi tshirts. Shirts are a great way to brag about your grandchildren and to show everyone you see how proud you are to be there Mimi. Here are our favorite Mimi shirts:

My Favorite People Call Me Mimi

favorite people mimi shirt

“My Favorite People Call Me Mimi” is probably my favorite saying that any Mimi could wear on her body. It sums up her feelings about life so perfectly. This is the perfect gift to get your Mimi for Christmas.

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Don’t Mess With Mimi or Her Grandkids

don's mess with mimi or her grandkids

“Don’t Mess With Mimi Or Her Grandkids.” This is the best shirt for a badass Mimi who won’t let anyone do anything to mess with her or her grandchildren. Get this for Mimi for her birthday and she’ll have the best bday ever!

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Happiness is Being Mimi

happiness is being mimi

“Happiness is Being Mimi.” Most Mimis will tell you that their lives got infinitely happier the day they became a grandmother. So this shirt really says it all. Get it for Mimi for Mother’s Day.

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