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New US Citizen Gift: What are the 8 Best Citizenship Gifts?

If you know someone who has gone through the very difficult process of becoming an American citizen, I understand why you would want to buy them a new US citizen gift. This is an occasion that really needs to be celebrated!

We have some great ideas outlined for you in this post. Whether you’re looking for something a little bit funny or a little bit sentimental, we have you covered. Just go through the list below and you are guaranteed to find something good to celebrate some American citizenship.

How to Find the Perfect Gift for a New US Citizen

You’re here, so you’re well on your way. But you need to think about how much you’re willing to spend. You also need to decide if you’re looking for something serious and sentimental, or if you’re looking for something funny and cute.

Just go through the list below and click on the pictures to see the gifts up close. I don’t have the prices listed on this page because they are constantly fluctuating, so you need to go to the links to find the current prices for the different U.S. citizenship gifts.

The Top 8 Gifts to Celebrate a New American Citizen

1) The Certificate of Citizenship Holder

Every new American citizen needs one of these. It would be a terrible shame to just throw a citizenship certificate in a drawer, or worse yet, lose it!

This certificate holder is really nicely designed and it will fit the certificate perfectly. It’s the best place to store a new citizenship certificate because it will protect it and it will also proudly display it.

The Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution is written on the left side when you open up the certificate holder, so it will be displayed right next to the citizenship certificate.

This product has really good reviews on Amazon because it does what it’s supposed to do. The gold seal and the 14th amendment are icing on the cake of a great product.

The only potential downside of buying this as a new U.S. citizen gift is that the new citizen may already have one, or he may be getting this gift from other people. It’s always a gamble when buying a gift, so those things are pretty much out of your control unless you talk to everyone else who is also getting a gift for this person.

2) The New US Citizen Gift Travel Mug

This travel mug is a great way to show off the hard work and pride that comes with being a new American citizen. It proudly displays that the new citizen gained his or her citizenship in 2023.

This is a twenty ounce steel tumbler. It actually comes with two lids and two straws. It works for hot and cold beverages. It is really high quality.

What’s really cool about giving this mug as a new American citizen gift is that it comes with a gift box and a card for the recipient. You just got to watch with Amazon shipping because sometimes gift boxes can be damaged in transit. All in all, this makes a perfect gift for a new American citizen if you’re looking in the $25 price range.

3) For the Whiskey Loving New American Citizen

If you’re celebrating a new American citizen who likes to drink a little bit, then this might be the best gift you can buy for him.

This is a set of two quality whiskey glasses with the preamble to the United States Constitution printed on them. Each glass is ten ounces, the perfect size for a glass of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon.

These glasses are of very high quality. They are sturdy and heavy, and most people agree that they look better in person than they do in the pictures on Amazon.

What’s great about this gift is that you can break them out right away to celebrate this momentous occasion of new citizenship. You can even pair this gift with a nice bottle of something or other to really make the perfect gift for a new American citizen who doesn’t mind putting one back once in a while.

4) The Love Knot Necklace with Message Card for Her

This citizenship gift is probably better suited for a woman, but obviously it can be bought for anyone. It’s a “Love Knot” necklace with a message card underneath that really summarizes achievement made by a new American citizen.

It says, “Congratulations! On becoming a citizen of the United States! You have put a lot of time, energy, and heart into achieving this goal. May the pride and hope that you feel today stay in your heart forever.”

What a great sentiment put into a keepsake that the new American citizen will cherish forever. This necklace will most likely be worn with pride by the new citizen that you are giving it to.

This is a quality necklace with a great saying that’s surrounded by a really nice design. This is the type of gift that will really get a nice reaction from your gift recipient.

5) The New Citizen Socks!

These socks are perfect if you’re looking for a low-cost laugh to get from your new citizen! For some reason, no matter what, socks always get a laugh when they’re given as a gift.

These American flag socks are designed to fit women’s shoe sizes six through twelve, but they can definitely fit some men as well. They’re made of eighty percent cotton and are designed for maximum comfort and breathability.

There’s not much else to say about these socks for a new US citizen gift except for if you want to buy them as a stand alone gift, or if you want to pair them with something else (pun maybe intended).

6) Funny Latino New US Citizen Gift

This gift only works if the new citizen you’re buying for is Latino. It’s a coffee mug that says, “Relax Gringo, I’m a New American Citizen.”

It’s got a nice touch with the picture of America that looks like an American flag. The black handle of the mug with the black rim outline is also a nice touch. It’s a high quality mug that is microwave-safe, but it is hand-wash only.

I think most new American citizens who are Latino would find this mug hilarious. Just make sure that you give it to someone with a good sense of humor, not someone who would find this mug insulting.

7) For an American Who Wants to Proudly Wear Their New Citizenship

If you know the person you’re giving the new citizenship gift for is someone who would be proud to show to everyone what they just accomplished, then this shirt might be the best gift to get them.

The shirt says, “This is what an awesome new American citizen looks like.” It has a very nice design with a picture of the American flag. It also contains two red, white, and blue thumbs that are pointing right at the person wearing the shirt.

The shirt comes in a lot of different colors and sizes. Most of the colors are 100 percent cotton, but there is some variability with the materials for the different colors. Just read the description on Amazon for more specifics with that.

8) The Experiential New Citizen Gift

Instead of buying something for your new American citizen friend or family member, you can always do something for or with them.

Obviously, taking him or her out to dinner is always a fan favorite. You can take them to an American-themed restaurant for a little added bonus as a theme gift. You could also call up a restaurant and pay for their meal if you don’t live near them.

If you know the history of the town, city, and/or state that you live in, you can always take the new citizen for a little historical tour of the area. Or if the person is just moving to your city, just taking them around and showing them the ins and outs of the place will be a great gift.

If you don’t live near them, you can buy them tickets to a show or a local theme park. Remember, gifts don’t always have to be physical items. Sometimes the best and most memorable gifts are the experience that can be created with a thoughtful gesture.

Wrapping it Up

Let’s wrap up this gift post by saying that you definitely have some great options when buying a gift for a new American citizen. What’s important is that you take into consideration the personality of the person that you’re giving it to.

So decide on your budget and pick the gift that you feel would be the best for your new citizen friend or family member. If you like some of the less expensive gifts but you have a bigger budget, you can always buy them more than one thing.


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